Skandy — Plagiarism Checker for Business

Skandy is a trusted Plagiarism Checker for Business entities. Powered by advanced AI, it protects your company's interests by guaranteeing content originality. Using a sophisticated 9-step verification algorithm, Skandy analyzes billions of web pages and open sources in seconds. It identifies any matches between your text and other sources, providing a detailed report to ensure your business content is 100% original.
Who benefits from the Skandy plagiarism checker for university?
Educational staff

Skandy offers detailed analysis of any student's work, whether it's a brief report or a lengthy dissertation. The service provides an extensive report highlighting all detected matches, incorrectly used quotations, and paraphrases. This empowers students to refine their work, achieving a 100% level of uniqueness and quality. No longer will students risk losing points or grades due to inadvertent plagiarism, while teachers can efficiently review assignments and save valuable time.

Schools, colleges, universities

Skandy is the go-to plagiarism checker used by universities worldwide. With over 500,000 clients, including prestigious institutions in the USA, LATAM, and Europe, Skandy ensures the integrity of its student work test results with its secure storage, maintaining the reputation of schools and universities at the highest level.
Online educational platforms

Skandy offers unparalleled versatility. It can check texts in any format and even includes OCR technology for reviewing scanned student work. Regardless of file size, scans are processed within seconds or minutes. Skandy is available across all devices and seamlessly integrates with any service via API, making it an indispensable tool for enhancing educational quality.

Skandy stands on academic integrity for

Educational staff
to seamlessly check student's papers and save valuable time
Research staff
to reduce risks of content duplication and copyright issues
Pupils and students
to help ones self-check their thesis & essays before submitting
Government and Administration
to verify & maintain high content quality and standards

Avoid plagiarism and create unique texts with Skandy

Maximum accuracy
Our Plagiarism Checker for Business entities uses the advanced Siblius algorithm to scan and analyze billions of web pages and public databases in seconds. Skandy can detect texts generated by AI and identify plagiarism in AI-generated content with an accuracy of 98% or higher.
Any volumes
Whether it's a brief note of up to 1,000 characters, a long-form article, or even a hundred-page e-book, Skandy checks business texts of any length with equal efficiency, ensuring thorough and accurate match detection.
User-friendly apps
Skandy is accessible on any device — PC, laptop, tablet, Android, and iOS mobile phones. Enjoy enhanced convenience, a user-friendly interface, and a continuously updated UX wherever you use it!
Multi-format checking
No need to waste time on conversions! You can check text by pasting it directly, entering a URL, or even uploading a photo. Skandy’s OCR technology allows you to scan text from jpg, gif, or png images. It also supports various file formats, including doc, docx, txt, rtf, pdf, pptx, and more.
Multiple languages
Our Plagiarism Checker for Business entities supports 27 languages, making it ideal for businesses working with international partners or freelancers. Skandy delivers perfect results in every language, helping you eliminate plagiarism for good.
Military-grade security
Skandy ensures your data is securely protected and fully compliant with GDPR standards. All files are stored on a secure remote server and are permanently deleted after 180 days.

Benefits of the Skandy premium plan

Checking text of any size
Skandy helps you check voluminous texts in minutes, or even seconds. Whether it's a long-form article, scientific paper, marketing text, business blog post, or e-book, our detector scans billions of pages in 2-5 seconds. With the premium plan, you can check texts of any size, offering tailored business solutions for quick plagiarism detection.
Trusted results and detailed report
Our Plagiarism Checker for Business entities analyzes web pages, materials, internet articles, and open-source databases. It detects all possible matches and duplicates, including whole fragments and individual phrases. The detailed report shows the sources of similarities, allowing you to correct your text promptly and protect yourself from plagiarism issues.
Reliable cloud storage
All test results are securely stored in the cloud for 180 days. During this period, you can easily share your verified work with customers, partners, managers, or colleagues to confirm the originality of your text.

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  • Best for: general purpose documents, reports and small essays up to 15 pages
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Skandy — the best plagiarism checker for university students

Skandy is a service dedicated to upholding academic integrity, harnessing the power of AI for effective plagiarism detection. Tailored for educational use, Skandy is trusted by thousands of teachers and prestigious universities worldwide.

Here's why Skandy is essential for preventing plagiarism in student papers:

  • Protecting student reputation and grades. Plagiarism, be it in business-content or a student work, is a serious offense, akin to fraud and theft, which can result in low scores, fines, or even expulsion from educational institutions. Students found guilty of plagiarism may suffer from a tarnished reputation and loss of trust in their future endeavours.
  • Avoiding misunderstandings and conflicts. Even when students believe they've composed their work independently, it's essential to check for plagiarism to prevent unintentional or self-plagiarism. Skandy provides peace of mind by ensuring the originality of their work.
Upholding university integrity. Schools and colleges place a high value on their reputation, as it directly impacts their standing within the educational community. Meeting accreditation requirements is essential for maintaining this reputation. If a school were to graduate a student guilty of plagiarism, it could lead to a damaging scandal for the institution. Consequently, educational institutions across the USA, Europe, and beyond have implemented stringent rules on academic ethics. Many schools have even integrated dedicated lessons and courses emphasising the critical importance of ensuring 100% uniqueness in student work.
Skandy streamlines the process of checking work. After completing your work, simply upload it to Skandy in any convenient format and initiate the check. Verification typically takes two minutes or less.

Skandy compares your text against billions of web pages and public databases, indicating the uniqueness of your work:
  • If the result is 98-100%, you can confidently submit your work to your teacher.
  • If the result is less than 100%, revise your text, focusing on the highlighted non-unique fragments, and correct any errors in quotation usage.

Skandy — the best plagiarism checker for professors

Teachers using Skandy can trust in the integrity of their students. Skandy's thorough checks uncover even the most sophisticated attempts at plagiarism, ensuring academic honesty.

Skandy offers numerous advantages for teachers:

  • Versatility. Skandy is suitable for checking papers across various disciplines, ranging from engineering to the humanities. It can assess the uniqueness of tables, program code, and even identify texts generated by neural networks. Skandy's algorithms scour billions of web pages, publications, and articles for plagiarism and duplicate fragments.
  • Quick checks and time-saving. Regardless of the type of work a student submits - whether it's a short one-page essay or a lengthy thesis, Skandy can swiftly analyze the work within minutes.
  • Detailed reports. Skandy provides a comprehensive report highlighting all non-unique fragments. This enables teachers to identify students' mistakes and offer tailored feedback. For instance, if a student misuses quotations, teachers can recommend literature or provide guidance on citation. Similarly, if a student unintentionally duplicates their own work, they need to address self-plagiarism.
  • Convenience of online access. Skandy is accessible on any device, including Android and iOS applications. Students can submit work in various formats, such as .doc, .docx, or .pdf, without the need for file conversion.
Even if a student submits work on paper, teachers can simply take a photo with their phone and initiate the check, as Skandy recognizes text in images through OCR.

Why checking for plagiarism in education is so important

Plagiarism in student and professors' papers is a serious offense, with severe consequences including fines, dismissal, conflicts, and reputational damage. Universities and employers are unlikely to accept individuals involved in plagiarism scandals.

Plagiarism inflicts irreparable harm on science and the scientific community. The advancement of science relies on a constant influx of original ideas and unconventional creative thinking from future scientists. Plagiarism acts as a barrier to the development of scientific and technological progress.

Additionally, plagiarism can occur unintentionally, particularly among students. For instance, an author may inadvertently express a thought in a manner identical to one previously published by someone else. In cases where the author has previously published their work, they may not intentionally engage in self-plagiarism. Nonetheless, such instances remain unacceptable and must be addressed.

All this highlights the vital need of checking for academic plagiarism, absolutely all your academic works. Skandy helps everyone:
  • For students, Skandy ensures their work meets their educational institution's requirements for academic integrity.
  • For educators, Skandy enables objective assessment and feedback, fostering a culture of academic honesty and excellence.

Try our free plagiarism checker for university and upgrade to the full tariff plan to use all the features

Skandy is a dedicated academic plagiarism checker designed specifically for students and teachers. Offering a swift and highly accurate check, Skandy supports the upload of files in any size, format, and of texts in any of 27 languages. Whether you prefer using Skandy on the web or through the mobile app, its user-friendly interface ensures ease of access and navigation.

To experience Skandy's capabilities firsthand, you can already check your completed written work — and it's entirely free! We encourage you to explore the program's features and familiarize yourself with its interface.

Simply visit the – renowned as the best plagiarism checker for universities, complete a straightforward registration, and upload your text. The verification process will be completed in a matter of seconds, providing you with an immediate report detailing any necessary corrections for your text.

Should you require unrestricted access to Skandy's character limits and checks, you can do so at any time by purchasing a paid plan. Investing in Skandy equates to investing in your reputation, peace of mind, and future career prospects. With Skandy, you can confidently ensure that your work is truly unique, alleviating any concerns of falling into trouble due to plagiarism.