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Skandy is a plagiarism checker for students based on sophisticated 9-step algorithm and best proofreading practices. It checks the text in no time and provides a detailed report on similarities with other content on the web, allowing every student to improve their assignment and get a high grade.

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Our Advantages

We believe in alliance of humanistic values and technology for better writing experience
Fast and accurate
The Sibilus — 9-step advanced algorithm search through billions of web pages to find similarities. We are constantly updating our search technology.
Web, iOS, Android
Plagiarism scanner in your pocket! Skandy has easy-to-use mobile apps on both platforms, and we constantly update product UX.
Various file types
Upload a text, select a file, or enter a URL. We support PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF, ODT, PNG, JPG, GIF, PPTX, TIFF, BMP and more files types.
We speak your language
We support 27 languages and counting. Proud to be multicultural.
Your data is secured
We do follow GDPR compliance standards. Files are stored securely on a protected remote server, which removes every file 180 days after upload
Ads-free space
We are an entirely ads-free service aiming to provide a high-quality experience without distraction.

Why choose premium plagiarism checker for students and teachers?

Check huge files
The students' plagiarism checker can scan and check text files of any size. You can upload a short report 1-2 pages long, or even a term, graduation, or scientific paper. In either case, you will get a guaranteed report displaying a duplicate matching with content from another online source.
See all copied text snippets
Plagiarism checker for students online highlights matching text and offers a detailed report about the source that may have been used to copy the unoriginal snippet. This feature lets you see which parts of the text are not unique and improve them. For example, you might have forgotten to put a quote in quotation marks, thus making it look like plagiarism.
The entire history of checks is saved
After making a lot of effort and sacrificing weeks of sleep to write a significant paper, the last thing you want is to be found guilty of plagiarism. A plagiarism detector for students saves the entire history of checks, which will help you prove your work's uniqueness in case of disputes. Universities will trust such a report and consider it a valid argument against accusations of stealing someone else's text.
Focus on essential writing
And let Skandy handle with plagiarism problem. You can check it right now!

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Includes 30 credits
  • Best for: general purpose documents, reports and small essays up to 15 pages
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Includes 300 credits
Best for: dissertations, diplomas, scientific and doctoral works, novels,
up to 500 pages
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ℹ️ One credit allows you to scan 2000 symbols. In most cases 2000 is an amount of characters located on a A4 page

What technologies does our plagiarism checker use

Our plagiarism tool for students uses advanced modern technology so that you can check your text and get a report within a few seconds:
The plagiarism detection for students service operates based on a complex 9-step contextual analysis system and super-fast search engine called Sibilus. It searches for potential problems in the text that could lead to plagiarism. Likewise, the Sibilus can detect rephrased fragments, guaranteeing that your paper will always be 100% plagiarism-free.
OCR technology – optical character recognition. Apart from electronic text files, you can also upload a photo of a paper document or a screenshot with text. The service uses in-built extensive OCR functions. The scanner recognizes characters that are typed and hand-written alike.
A detailed, comprehensive report. The originality checker for students analyses billions of Internet sources: websites, shared documents, and open source databases. It displays a complete list of similar references. You can share the report with your educators.
Compatibility of file formats and languages. The service supports 27 languages and all the main file formats: .doc, .docx, .pdf, and many more.

Skandy – accurate and fast plagiarism checker for students and teachers

Skandy provides a maximally accurate check of any university or school assignments. You can check virtually all papers and text that need proof of your authorship.
The student check for plagiarism is concluded in a few seconds. In this way the student won’t lose much time.

Skandy can be helpful to:

Students and pupils in schools by using Skandy they can verify the absence of plagiarism
Educators, research staff
to write scientific papers, dissertations and monographs
Journalists, writers, copywriters
to create unique content and books
Our customers worldwide
More than 500 000 students and educators trust Skandy Plagiarism Checker

You can use online plagiarism checker for students or mobile app

Skandy can be used to check student papers on any device, Web or Mobile. The intuitive, fast and user-friendly Skandy application is suitable for both Android and iOS. To check plagiarism in the app you need to:
  • Upload the text by choosing the file or entering its URL;
  • Click the button to start scanning.
  • The mobile application has all the functions of the desktop version of Skandy: it supports .doc, .docx, .pdf, .rtf, .png, .odt, .gif, .jpg, .pptx, .tiff, .bmp file formats, and many others.
  • The result comes in the form of a detailed report on the detection of unoriginal fragments.
  • Easy access to previously uploaded files and results in a history box.

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Many students and educators provided positive feedback in regards to the convenience and functionality of the mobile application. Have a look at their reviews. Skandy is trusted and used by over 500 000 educators from universities and schools located in Canada, USA, UK, and Latin America.

Thesis checker for plagiarism

The Skandy plagiarism checker online for thesis allows one to check how unique a file is in a number of ways. One can copy-paste the text, upload a file, photo or scanner, or add a URL.
Skandy can be useful to pupils and students of middle and high schools, universities and postgraduate studies. When write an assignment, the student must check it for plagiarism before handing it in to their educators. A 100% unique paper will prove the student’s competency and a responsible approach to his/her studies. This facilitates getting an excellent grade and building a successful career in the future.
Skandy technology compares your text with billions of webpages and looks for content that is accidentally repeated or has a similarity. You get a thorough report that clearly indicates which text fragments are not original, and which source were found to have a duplicate. These fragments can be easily improve in a special skanbox window. Then, the document can be checked again.
The Skandy plagiarism checker online for thesis allows one to check how unique a file is in a number of ways. One can copy-paste the text, upload a file, photo or scanner, or add a URL.

Checking other student work

Students need to check all types of student papers that have to be handed in to their educators:
  • Reports, abstracts;
  • Laboratory assignments;
  • Evaluated home-assignments;
  • Essays;
  • Term papers;
  • Graduation papers;
  • Dissertations, scientific papers;
  • Other papers where authorship needs to be verified.
If you want to check assignments for plagiarism, you need to scan the document or prepare it for upload to Skandy — a reliable plagiarism checker for students. The programme will analyse the text and provide a detailed report.

Skandy helps to detect even skillful paraphrasing

American and British universities are very serious about plagiarism, as it harms the academic reputation of the institution. Educators constantly warn students about that. Once detection of plagiarism has taken place, the perpetrator-student gets punished according to the university’s policies.
The student whose work has been found guilty of plagiarism, even unintentional, risks:
  • Getting an unsatisfactory grade;
  • Losing a scholarship;
  • Being suspended or even expelled;
  • Paying a fine;
  • Losing reputation, which makes it harder getting into other colleges and universities.
Paraphrasing fragments of another author’s text and published thoughts is also seen as plagiarism. Not all plagiarism detection services, whether free or not, can detect paraphrased fragments.
Skandy essay checker uses technology that performs a deep scan. The searching tech is always updated. The service compares billions of text that are published online. The algorithms of the checker structure the document’s content, thereby breaking it up into logical parts. These fragments are checked for duplicate on the Internet and open sources.

Skandy does not simply check the equivalence of the content as received. The Sibilus takes into account:
  • Shingle – the number of consecutive matching word;
  • The distance between word;
  • The word length;
  • The probability of the deletion and substitution of a word.
This way, even severely altered paraphrased text are detected.

Find out if your student work contains plagiarism

Skandy lets you create a 100% unique text, protects from plagiarism and accusations thereof. With Skandy’s help, you can quickly and easily check your work and improve it before handing in. Many tools require lots of effort to determine how original a text is. However, Skandy analyses a document within a few seconds. Start using Skandy now to save time and check your student work with no stress!

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