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for SEO & Marketing

Skandy is designed as a SEO Plagiarism Checker that based on AI-models and 9-stage algorithm of content checking. Our checker is a great assistant in SEO, Marketing and Content promotion in business. Unique articles will be displayed at the top of the search results, inviting traffic, clients and revenue.

Why choose Premium SEO
Plagiarism Checker Skandy

Check files of any size and type
The plagiarism-checking service, Skandy, works with files of all sizes. You can upload a small article of a few paragraphs or a research project the size of a whole book. Either way, the results will be as accurate as possible. The report will display all the cases of matching and the sources, too.
A detailed report
Skandy uses AI and scans a massive volume of text within seconds — billions of web pages and databases. You can see all the copied text fragments in the text. In the report, you will find highlights of non-unique pieces which should be improved and corrected—for example, incorrect citation or paraphrasing.
Scan history archive
The checking report gets saved and can be downloaded and shared with another person to prove your innocence in terms of plagiarism. This is an essential feature when you’re facing plagiarism took place. You could spend dozens of hours or even days on your article, make enormous efforts, and sacrifice sleep. Even so, your work might still fall under suspicion.

Our SEO & Marketing tool for plagiarism uses the latest innovative tech

The technology that our Skandy detector uses is the most advanced AI tools and software. The primary purpose is to do everything possible to ensure that your work is checked as quickly as possible and provide you with a comprehensive report.

Skandy utilizes a 9-stage context analysis system and Siblius — a superquick search engine. It performs a deep check and detects paraphrasing, accidental plagiarism, and self-plagiarism. The service searches for any non-unique fragments in the text. The report displays all the matching pieces so you can be confident in your work after improvements

OCR — optical character recognition. This convenient technology allows checking scanned texts, screenshots, or texts on a photo. Skandy prefers a maximally clear and contrasting picture — this guarantees quicker and more accurate results. The extended and improved functions of the OCR recognize typed and hand-written characters in different languages.
Skandy’s detailed report scans billions of web pages: websites, documents, books, and open databases. The results are shown as a percentage, and if it’s lower than 100%, you can see which specific fragments match with which sources, allowing you to improve your paper and finalize it. After you reach 100% originality, you can share the report with your professors, colleagues, or clients. Original work will protect and improve your reputation.
Processing files of different formats and languages. You can upload a text in any popular format: .txt, .doc, .docx, .pdf, .jpg, etc., or insert the URL. In all cases, the service will display an accurate originality result. Skandy supports 27 languages, and we constantly add new ones.

Skandy is a reliable SEO Plagiarism Tool that is suitable for individual professionals and large marketing agencies

Skandy checks any texts for plagiarism with maximum accuracy. It is irrelevant to the checker how large your article or paper is, what it’s about, or what format it’s in. The check takes 2-5 minutes so that the specialist won’t lose much time. Using Skandy is way more efficient than identifying text fragments using search engines.

Our checker is ideal for:
  • Freelance market specialists;
  • Content managers;
  • Webmasters, website owners;
  • Digital-, SEO- and content agencies;
  • Media companies, mass media;
  • Copywriters, journalists, article authors, and editors;
  • Writers;
  • Students, pupils;
  • Teachers, university and college professors;
  • Bloggers.

Skandy allows you to check yourself for plagiarism or your employee or contractor. The tool is handy for a professional that writes articles for various clients on similar topics. Skandy can detect unintended self-plagiarism, which will prevent potential conflicts of interest. Both articles written by the same author on different sites are ranked worse due to their similarity.

Use Skandy technology to detect cases of theft. You can then hold the perpetrators accountable. For example, if you see your text is copypasted as someone else’s, you can check the URL in Skandy and make things clear in just a few minutes.

If you work with clients and create content for them, you can show the originality check results. Skandy is trusted by more than 500 000 companies, professional specialists, and educators worldwide. This checker’s report is good evidence of your work’s originality. This way, you’ll strengthen your reputation. The client will be confident that all his texts on the website are unique.

Why is SEO Plagiarism Checker important for search engine optimizers?

Search engines pay more attention to the content of a website. Algorithms in Google and other large search engines are constantly updated and improved to provide users only with high-quality content.
Google is the most powerful search engine SEO work with
Websites with unique text not found anywhere else get better ranking in the search results and are deemed expert opinions. So, check your originality before posting an article to your website.

Today copy-paste is no longer an option, and neither is creating an article from experts on other people’s texts. The search engine immediately detracts from low-quality articles that were copied from other sources. Google AI can determine the source, and the original text to lower the ranking in the search result.
That rule worked in the previous decade, but in 2023 AI works for the good of humanity. (At least, we want to believe it :)

If Google detects texts that have plagiarism, it will apply filters:
  • Panda — for duplicate content, spamming, and shitty texts due to rewrite;
  • DMCA or Pirate — for stealing content, copying information from other websites, copyright infringement;
  • Lower rating due to low EAT — Expertise, Authority, Trust. Non-original texts, according to Google, decrease user trust in the website.
Professional competitors that create helpful, unique texts get to the top. Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, and other search engines have similar filters. As a result of these sanctions, the website will be lower in the search results, so that you will lose clients and money.
Search engine algorithms have learned to determine even a quick rewrite and repeated content with no value. Websites that use such texts are lowered in the search results.

SEO Plagiarism Tool Skandy can detect even paraphrasing since it performs a check on several levels. You can continuously improve your content and ensure you won’t get penalized. Texts that are 80-100% original and contain precious information for users will be displayed at the top of the search results and attract clients who are willing to pay.
How to use our API
Our API supports several programming languages: C#, Node.JS, PHP, Java, Ruby, and Python, allowing the plagiarism-checking service to be quickly integrated into the user app. Our code is always available for use.

What opportunities does our Plagiarism Checker for SEO provide for specialists

Skandy is a service that helps specialists in marketing, content copywriting, and SEO create unique content of good quality and improve and perfect articles on your website.

Skandy can:
  • Check all file types, including text on photos or images, Word documents, .rtf, .pdf, .jpg, .txt, and other formats;
  • Check a web page via its URL;
  • Operate in a desktop version in the browser without the need to download software;
  • Operate in a user-friendly functioning mobile application on Android and iOS;
  • Check documents of any size, including dissertations of more than 100 pages. There are no restrictions in terms of the number of words and characters;
  • Check texts in multiple foreign languages. Currently, it supports 27 languages, and the developers are constantly adding options, so expect new languages in the future;
  • Provide an accurate report indicating the percentage of plagiarism and links to all the sources;
  • Share the report with colleagues and educators. The information is stored safely, with no access granted to third parties.
Skandy compares sentences, paragraphs, and text fragments consecutively with indexed and uploaded online content. You can use the checker to detect incorrect citations and low-quality paraphrasing and improve your article.

How to use Skandy:
  1. Go to or download the free mobile app onto your phone
  2. Sign up or sign in
  3. Upload the text in any convenient format into a separate window. For example, insert the URL, attach a Word document, or copy and paste the article
  4. Click “Check plagiarism”
  5. Read the report, and see the originality percentage and matching sources
  6. Improve the text and launch another check if needed
We recommend always using SEO Plagiarism Checker Tool to prevent undesired situations after uploading your content online or submitting the work to a contractor.


Take advantage of the Skandy Plagiarism SEO Checker — unique SEO texts on a website rank higher and increase the status and reputation of the web resource in the eyes of the users. Skandy eliminates questions such as "how unique is the text on my website" and "won't I get filtered by search engines for non-unique content or copy-pasting." The checker is user-friendly and straightforward; it operates quickly and provides accurate results. To confirm this and experience all the benefits, take advantage of today's free trial period!
Create original SEO-content with Skandy — the fast, accurate and reliable plagiarism checker!