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The Skandy plagiarism detector app can check the originality of a text with maximum accuracy and speed. The app uses artificial intelligence technology, compares the content with billions open source pages of online resources and provides in-depth result.

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Advantages of the Skandy App

Skandy displays the exact matching percentage of the non-authentic text by analyzing billions of pages from content databases. Also, our tracker can conduct a deep check and determine paraphrased text.
Saving time
You can check your text now by immediately downloading the application. The check only takes 2-5 minutes after the document has been uploaded to Skandy. The checker saves your time.
Smooth UX
The app features a user-friendly interface. Even if you’ve never come across plagiarism checkers, you will manage in a few seconds with no fuss. Our checker is intuitive.
Cross platform
Skandy can be used on any device and in any place. The program is available on Android smartphones, iOS devices, tablets and personal computers.
Many file types
You can upload a document to Skandy in any format: docx, txt, pdf, webpage, ppt, image. The checker will display any plagiarism even in photographed text due to OCR technology.
Shareable results
The checker provides a detailed report with comprehensive information on any possible plagiarism. You can share the report file with other people, if you happen to show the result of a plagiarism check.
Personalized report
You can add the name of your education facility, student name or author’s name to each document. This way the report belongs to a specific person. The author can use the check result as proof for his paper’s authenticity.
Integration with clouds
Skandy is a cloud-based service, and so it is integrated with other cloud services, like iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc. This way it is easier to use the application. You can launch the check on one device and then continue working from another.
GDPR secured
The checker protects uploaded information and the report. It operates in strict accordance with GDPR. The information is stored on the server for 180 days and is not available to other people. Using Skandy is safe.

What technologies we use

Artificial intelligence and machine learning.
Skandy uses machine learning technology and AI to make sure the check is conducted quickly and efficiently. This technology is constantly improved on.
OCR technology
Our checker uses optical character recognition. If you don't have a printed document, you can always snap a picture on your smartphone and upload it to the checker.
A comprehensive checking report
After the check is launched the checker processes several billions of web pages within a few seconds. It searches for possible sources that could match the content and displays them in the report.
Various file types and texts in different languages
Use our program to check files of all the popular formats: .doc, .docx, .pdf, .rtf, .png, .odt, .gif, .jpg, .pptx, .tiff, .bmp and others. You don’t need to waste time converting the file into another format. The checker works in 27 languages and counting.

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Many students and educators provided positive feedback in regards to the convenience and functionality of the mobile application. Have a look at their reviews. Skandy is trusted and used by over 500 000 educators from universities and schools located in USA, Canada, UK, and Latin America.

Why use a plagiarism detector app?

Maximum accuracy

The Skandy plagiarism checker online for thesis allows one to check how unique a file is in a number of ways. One can copy-paste the text, upload a file, photo or scanner, or add a URL.
Many students and authors do not use plagiarism checking tools because they believe their text is 100% authentic, so they have nothing to prove. However, everyone is prone to making a mistake. For example, you could forget to state your references properly, or write a thought or phrase from another publication in the same words. Our checker will ensure a maximally accurate plagiarism check and will display any possible mistakes. This way you can remain calm for your efforts and your reputation.


Use Skandy to upload files of any size and check text of any type: reports, essays, articles, academic papers, dissertations and research papers. The app sees no difference in the format the file is uploaded in. The check will begin immediately without any unnecessary actions on your part. In a few minutes, you will see a comprehensive report containing all the non-unique text fragments on your mobile device.

A reliable report

Our checker conducts a deep check in all open sources and databases. It detects plagiarism when a text has been paraphrased, or a quote was used incorrectly. The service saves all the results. You can share them with other people if you run into problems to prove your paper’s originality.

Skandy — top plagiarism checker application for IOS and Android

Skandy is an app designed for both Android and iOS. You can be sure that your work will always be unique. To check content for plagiarism, download the app, create an account and upload a document. This can be a text .doc, .docx, .txt file, a photograph with text in .jpg, .jpeg, a scan in pdf, a link, or any other convenient format.
Then you need to click “Start check”. After several seconds or minutes the checker will display a detailed report on the plagiarism. If you need to check another text you can clear the field and upload the document.

Plagiarism checker app for iPhone

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Checking your paper in the Skandy app for iOS is more effective than manually looking for matching text fragments via a search engine.
The service analyzes a large number of sources and does this quickly thanks to artificial intelligence. The checker compares the text to books and articles that might not be uploaded on the Internet, and to published papers of other students.
The checker highlights every line and phrase that has already been published. You will never miss a plagiarized essay. The service provides detailed information on the sources of the original content. Clicking the link next to the non-unique text fragment will navigate you to the original source website.

Why is it more beneficial and better to use the paid version of the plagiarism checker app for iPhone:
  • Free apps don’t have a clear data protection policy. Servers can be outside of Europe and the USA and not fall under European or American data protection rules;
  • Free apps usually have a limit on the available number of checked symbols and word;
  • Free apps may give an inaccurate result and not conduct a deep check. This could lead to reputational damage.
Use the professional paid app for plagiarism checker if your final paper, like a dissertation, master’s degree or research paper is essential for your career. The money you spend on checking your academic paper is a good investment.

Plagiarism checker app for Android

Plagiarism checker for Android will highlight any content in your paper that is similar to the author’s original text. You will easily find any non-unique fragment, even if your content is thousands of lines long. You can make changes and corrections immediately if you paraphrase or quote a text incorrectly.

A convenient plagiarism app for Android with simple navigation is helpful to:
  • Educators, teachers, university and college professors;
  • Students and pupils;
  • Academic scholars;
  • Journalists, copywriters, content managers;
  • Webmasters, bloggers, writers;
  • All people that work with text.
If you saw a text and suspect it of being similar to a paper that you have already published, you can run a check using the Android app.

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Plagiarism checker app will help you to detect, remove non-unique paraphrased fragments and improve your text to 100% original. This will demonstrate your high level of responsibility, professionalism, and will protect you from being accused of plagiarism. The report that you can share with your professor, colleagues, manager or client will serve as proof of your authentic work.
Download the app for Android and iOS now to check your work. The checker is trusted by over 500 000 educators of leading universities of the USA, Europe and large companies and mass media. Your original paper, checked with Skandy, will get a perfect grade.