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Skandy stands for unique, self-conscious, and sustainable education experience. Modern technologies and AI-powered services might denounce students' creativity and critical thinking in essay writing. Check academic papers of all types and sizes easily and fast here.
We are proud of our customers. Since 2018, more than half a million students and teachers and more than 280 universities and schools worldwide have benefited from Skandy

Our Advantages

We believe in alliance of humanistic values and innovative technology for better educational experience
Fast and accurate
The Sibilus — 9-step advanced AI algorithm search through billions of web pages to find similarities. We are constantly updating our search technology.
We check Ai-plagiarism
We detect the AI probability in a text, as well as the level of plagiarism generated by AI, with an accuracy of over 98%.
Web, iOS, Android
Plagiarism scanner in your pocket! Skandy has easy-to-use mobile apps on both platforms, and we constantly update product UX.
Various file types
Upload a text, select a file, or enter a URL. We support PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF, ODT, PNG, JPG, GIF, PPTX, TIFF, BMP and more files types.
We speak your language
We support 27 languages and counting. Proud to be multicultural.
Your data is secured
We do follow GDPR compliance standards. Files are stored securely on a protected remote server, which removes every file 180 days after upload

Benefits of paid plagiarism checker for teachers

Process big files
Use Skandy to check a text of any size: a school report of 1-2 pages long or a significant degree paper. In about 2-5 minutes, the scanner analyzes billions of web pages and provides the result. No need to spend lots of time and effort to check a student’s paper that is the size of a book
See all copied text snippets
The Skandy scanner studies all published materials online and across open-source databases. It collects information on each text fragment identical to an already published paper. Skandy highlights each suspicious phrase and shows a source of similarity.
All history in one place
After the checking is complete, the result is saved in secure cloud storage for 180 days. If the teacher decides to recheck the work, Skandy won’t detect it as plagiarism since it is saved in the storage system. You can share the results with colleagues and provide proof of authenticity per request of the university administration.

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  • Best for: general purpose documents, reports and small essays up to 15 pages
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Includes 300 credits
Best for: dissertations, diplomas, scientific and doctoral works, novels,
up to 500 pages
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Advanced technologies we use

Skandy uses artificial intelligence. The neural network is constantly improving, which helps the service develop and demonstrate even better results every time.
Checks student papers based on machine learning. This type of deep scan guarantees searching for identical, paraphrased, and similar text fragments. A 100% result means that the work is unique and has no foreign thoughts, phrases, or sentences. If the result is less than 100%, you should improve your work and launch another scan.
OCR technology — optic recognition. This function lets Skandy check texts that are printed on paper. You can take a photo of a document to see if it is plagiarized. Then, you only need to upload the image and launch the scan of the jpg file. The scan is done at high speed and with good quality. Please don't waste your time retyping a large text or look for an MFP to scan it all.
A full comprehensive report. The service analyzes billions of web pages online: websites, blogs, and databases. When Skandy detects a similarity in the checked text with another source, it notes the specific phrase and the web page with which it matches in the report. This way, you will avoid the problem of accidental plagiarism, where a student describes the thoughts or words of another author.
Supports many file formats and 27 languages. You can check your papers in doc, txt, PDF and many other formats. You can also insert links to web pages. No need to convert your files. Simply upload the text or the web page to the service and launch the scan that will finish in a few minutes.
“Intelligence plus character — that is the goal of true education.”
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Skandy – accurate and fast plagiarism checker for fellow professors and editors

Skandy provides a maximally accurate check of any university or school assignments. You can check virtually all papers and text that need proof of your authorship.

Skandy can be helpful to:

Educational staff
to verify the absence of plagiarism in student' works
Research staff
to write scientific papers, dissertations and monographs
Journalists, writers, copywriters
to create unique content for blogs and books

Online plagiarism checker for teachers in your phone

Skandy can be used to check student papers on any device, Web or Mobile. The intuitive, fast and user-friendly Skandy application is suitable for both Android and iOS. To check plagiarism in the app you need to:
  • Upload the text by choosing the file or entering its URL;
  • Click the button to start scanning.
  • The mobile application has all the functions of the desktop version of Skandy: it supports .doc, .docx, .pdf, .rtf, .png, .odt, .gif, .jpg, .pptx, .tiff, .bmp file formats, and many others.
  • The result comes in the form of a detailed report on the detection of unoriginal fragments.
  • Easy access to previously uploaded files and results in a history box.

Try Skandy for free

Many students and educators provided positive feedback in regards to the convenience and functionality of the mobile application. Have a look at their reviews. Skandy is trusted and used by over 100 000 educators from universities and schools located in Canada, USA, UK, and Latin America.

Skandy — teachers plagiarism checker chosen by 100 000+ educators of leading colleges and universities

Skandy is an accurate and swift service that provides a user-friendly interaction experience. A multi-level check allows you to identify intentional and random plagiarism. It will tell you if there is paraphrasing, precise and vague matches, self-plagiarism, and misuse of citations in the text that the student has submitted.
To check a student's or pupil's work, you must load it into a separate window and launch the scan. The checking might take a few minutes, and it is automatic, and you can use this time to do other things.
You can rely on something other than intuition when it seems a student cannot use specific phrases and wording when checking a paper. After using Skandy to review the document, you get a detailed report with real-time facts and figures.

More than 100,000 educators trust Skandy at top universities, colleges, and schools in the US, UK, Brazil, and other countries. It's a helpful tool for checking school and university papers of any length, format, and language.

Skandy is used in educational institutions and large companies. It is needed by:
  • professors, teachers;
  • students and pupils;
  • scholars;
  • journalists, authors, copywriters;
  • web admins;
With Skandy, the professor will help his students improve their work, learn how to work correctly with citations, and achieve maximum originality in their thoughts and phrases. Thanks to this, students will get good grades, and their careers and reputation will be safe.
A faculty member whose students show excellent results across all papers becomes the best in the university and gains more credibility in the academic community — Skandy guarantees a "win-win" scenario for everyone involved in the educational process.

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