What percentage of plagiarism is acceptable?

When research or academic papers are often revised, a unique text is a fundamental criterion for grading. If much of iе is copied from third-party sources and the result has a detection showing a low percentage of uniqueness, this is unlikely to result in anything good.
At the same time, many students wonder what percentage of the originality document can be considered acceptable. Let's find out in today's piece!

Factors affecting plagiarism

Although many factors influence the acceptable percentage of plagiarism, we will highlight the main ones among them:
  1. The topic of writing. For example, if a common topic has already been covered hundreds of times on the Internet, even one or two copied sentences will be detected. If it is a narrowly focused topic, e.g., related to economics, politics, or medicine, even a copied paragraph with partially changed words may not be considered plagiarism.
  2. The amount of content copied. Again, copying as much as a whole paragraph or half a section of your text from someone else's source will be considered plagiarism. If the volume is small, and you paraphrase the copied words and fill them with your thoughts, it can only be regarded as self-written work.
The plagiarism rate depends on the particular verification service. For one platform, significant plagiarism has one passing threshold; for another, it may be different. It is crucial to choose a quality verification service that can distinguish your thoughts from plagiarized thoughts and, at the same time, detect any other mishaps.

Allowed plagiarism percentage may differ in different universities

It makes sense that not only plagiarism services but also universities and other educational institutions have their definition and requirements for plagiarism and their level of plagiarism threshold for checking it.
Each teacher assesses their student's knowledge differently, and if 60% uniqueness is adequate for some, other teachers could demand 100% uniqueness. In any case, writing your work is always the best course of action.
Studying in an educational institution is primarily about acquiring knowledge. Even if you were lucky enough to have a sympathetic teacher, it does not mean you can copy someone else's material entirely. The consequences of plagiarism in college will not the best for you, and therefore:
  1. Try to study as many different references as possible, but do not copy them.
  2. Quoting information is also acceptable but within reasonable limits.

Avoid plagiarism necessarily and always

The Similarity rate in any website to check the plagiarism will be able to identify non-unique text fragments, so it is worth writing quality work from the on set. At the very least, you won't need to spend hours redoing your work — you'll immediately get a good text and a good grade from your teacher.
However, even if you are in such a sticky situation and must correct the uniqueness, don't worry. Good services always not only check the originality but also advise on how to fix them. With their help, you will notice:
  • Where the matches were found;
  • What are the exact words they are associated with;
  • Be able to redo or at least cut out non-unique text passages.

Check percentage of plagiarism with Skandy

One of the best premium plagiarism checker currently available is Skandy. It will process even large volumes of text in any format as quickly as possible, can read characters directly from photos, analyze the uniqueness of the work and present its statistics in a user-friendly style. By the way, this is only a fraction of the benefits of the plagiarism percentage check:
  1. Skandy has free trial checks to help you determine whether the service suits you.
  2. Skandy has a user-friendly, intuitive interface.
  3. Skandy will be able to verify work quickly, irrespective of the load on the site.
Long story short, if you want to get a quality text check for uniqueness and get a decent result quickly, Skandy is an excellent choice.


When you write a study, academic or professional paper, don't forget to check your documents for uniqueness. The reliable and fast Skandy checker can do it. Powerful semantic engine, OCR, multiple file formats, the possibility of free checks, and synchronization with any devices — these options will guarantee 99% of quality. Open the checker and try it for yourself! The 1% is only lost if you have a power outage during the check.
Text author: Columbia Proof

September 1st, 2022

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