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How to check plagiarism online?

Copying someone else's thoughts, research, or conclusions in your student or research paper is a criminal offense, even if you have plagiarised unintentionally. Punishment is inevitable if the committee finds fragments in your writing that are not unique texts.
To prevent the consequences, checking your projects and papers for anti-plagiarism in special services is essential. This article will show you how to use an online plagiarism checker and tell you whether online plagiarism checkers are reliable.

Who needs a plagiarism checker

Let's see what kind of professional field you need an online plagiarism tool. Document checking services can be used by:

  • Students of British, American, Brazilian, Canadian, and Australian universities. Every academic course ends with a project, an essay, or a research paper. The work done must be 100% original. Universities take copyright very seriously. Read up on the consequences of plagiarism in college to find out the results of getting caught plagiarism.
  • Teachers. Teachers use unique trackers to assess the quality of a document and check their methods and developments before they are published.
  • Researchers, writers, journalists. In any profession associated with the publishing sector, the issue of copyright is as severe as it gets. Publishing books in North American and British countries is considered a commercial activity. The courts can put you in jail if you use another author's words or statements and start earning money from them.
  • Copywriters, marketers, commercial directors, and editors. You must check their originality if your work involves copy-texts, reports, or documentary sources.

Types of plagiarism checker tools

Document uniqueness checker tools are divided into two types:
  • Mobile checking applications;
  • Online checking web-applications;
  • Desktop proofreading software for Mac OS and Windows
Online services work on website platforms. To use such a checker, you do not need to install anything on your smartphone, free up RAM, or increase internet speed during installation.
Using such a service is as simple as possible:
  1. Go to the website with which the checker works;
  2. Insert the text you want to check;
  3. Please wait for a unique Sibilus algorithm to scan your text and compare it with millions of sources published on the Internet.

Is it OK to check plagiarism online?

You are asking yourself, can I check for plagiarism online? Of course, you can! Checking documents for uniqueness is not only possible but necessary! Let's take a look at the essential characteristics of any online checker to find out how reliable and safe they are:
  • The result of the verification is in the form of an electronic certificate. You can print it out and use it as an official document. This certificate will be referred to by your teacher or the whole committee when assessing your work;
  • The work of online services looks transparent: the algorithm marks fragments of non-original text in a separate color so that you can edit them;
  • Such programs are easy to use! In most cases, you just need to go to the website, paste the text into a special box and click the button;
Document checking services are accurate, and universities trust their results. Don't forget that you can avoid problems with plagiarism if you stick to the techniques of writing an original paper. Please find out more about avoiding plagiarism in our blog.
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What website can I use to check for plagiarism?

First, we want to tell you about our online plagiarism checker. It is a fast and reliable checker that can be used both on the smartphone and the desktop. The checker has the following features:
  • Checking is possible with the help of an 8-step Sibilus algorithm which gives the most accurate matches for words and sentences. With the use of such a great tool, it is impossible to submit non-unique work;
  • You can upload content in any format: paste a ready-made text, attach a link to the site, upload documents as a file or a photo;
  • There is a free checking for online plagiarism option as well as a paid subscription for employees, students, and educational organizations;
  • If you are more comfortable working from a smartphone, you can download the checker in app format;
  • While you are checking, you can edit the text, which will save you a few hours.
Skandy is a service with pretty straightforward functionality. You don't need any special skills to run the checker. Just click the button, and you'll never have to worry about the uniqueness of your article again!


When you write a study, academic or professional paper, don't forget to check your documents for uniqueness. The reliable and fast Skandy checker can do it. AI tech, OCR, multiple file formats, the possibility of free checks, and synchronization with any devices — these options will guarantee 99% of quality. Open the checker and try it for yourself! The 1% is only lost if you have a power outage during the check.
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June 25th 2022

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