Are plagiarism checkers accurate?

The result of good academic work should be a structured, original text. In matters of distinctiveness, the administration of American and British educational institutions is unequivocal. An attempt to copy someone else's work is regarded as theft. Such an offense is punished with the most serious measures, up to dismissal, expulsion and loss of qualification. Before submitting papers, essays or research for review, it is important to check the uniqueness of the project. In this article, we will look at what tools for plagiarism exist and how to use them.

How does plagiarism checker work

It is impossible to check the authenticity of an article manually. The work must be compared with thousands of sources, every sentence, style, lexical repetitions must be checked. Such checks would take months. You can evaluate the originality of a document using special online services. Checkers tools works like this:

  1. You copy the text of your work, paste it into a special field for verification and click on "start";
  2. The program activates a special algorithm that scans text files published on the Internet;
  3. If cliched words and sentences are used in your work, the system will highlight them, reducing the percentage of uniqueness;
  4. As a result, the checker will analyze all the information and issue a conclusion in the form of a percentage or points. The higher is the duplicate, the lower is the final score.

The uniqueness rating depends on which shingle is used by the program. Shingle is the number of words or abstract fragments that the algorithm will verify. For example, free trackers verify sentences that are 10-12 words long. Such programs give out high uniqueness even for copying jobs. Educators will quickly uncover the deception as they use more robust text analysis tools.

Should you use plagiarism checkers?

The uniqueness of the work is not only an academic requirement, but also a key goal of students and teachers. An unoriginal abstract can undermine your final grade, prevent you from receiving a scholarship, and harm your professional reputation. Checking results of research is important for your career. Checker takes off this task of you.

The first priority is to choose an effective program. Modern services are quite well automated. They check content with minimal error. In most cases, a screenshot from plagiarists is enough to establish copyright and successfully defend your student or academic work.

What to rely on when choosing plagiarism checkers?

There are several criteria by which you should choose an online service to search for infringement:

  • Academic requirements of your University. Some teachers accept certificates from specific services and applications. Individual colleges even regulate the checks on which they rely for verification;
  • Reviews from other users. Investigate the user experience of those who have previously used the tool;
  • Checker interface. Is it user-friendly and easy to use? Does the software raise additional questions?
  • Checking speed of the text. Will the checker you choose be able to quickly check the document?
  • Customer service cost. What does a subscription give? What services are provided free of charge?

Skandy will help you to avoid plagiarism in scientific and student work

On the Internet you can find checkers without subscription services. It is difficult to assess how accurate are plagiarism checkers. According to our research, around 50% of free programs have faults of up to 30%. There are some extremely risky services. After checking against them, snippets of your text may be stolen. You may lose the copyright on your work.

We have studied the experiences of students, teachers and academics to create our own plagiarism checker. Skandy Anti-Plagiarism is a cutting-edge service that assesses text uniqueness using advanced technology. We use Artificial Intelligence and sophisticated algorithms to check the text's originality. Using a neural network reduces errors to 0.001%

The Skandy app offers 4 verification formats:

  1. By downloading the document via a link;
  2. The classic window for pasting text. In this window, you will be able to write and edit the document during the verification process;
  3. From images, take a picture of your text, or upload it from your device and the algorithm will scan it and set up verification. We allow png, jpg, gif, tiff, and bmp formats;
  4. Upload a document file. We support multiple file types, such as doc, Docx, pdf, txt, RTF, pptx, ppt, odt, and others.

Almost half a million teachers trust our trackers, and you can be at ease in your mind about the originality grade you get in the Skandy app. Free plagiarism checker for research papers will not give you 100% results. Skandy, on the other hand, is used by Canadian, American, and British Universities as well as in Latin America.
Text author: Columbia Proof

28 may 2022

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