Skandy AI Content Detector

Skandy examines text to determine whether it was generated by ChatGPT or similar artificial intelligence services or created from scratch by a human.
Our AI Detector is a fantastic educational and business tool. It lets you write original, high-quality texts. Publications and works that don't have AI will rank better, bringing you clients and boosting your image as a professional or bright student.

Why you should choose Skandy AI Detector

Checking texts in any size or style
Skandy works with texts of any size. You can upload a note of 1,000 characters, a lengthy article of 1,000 words, or even a dissertation of 1,000 pages to AI Detector. The results of checking and detecting AI text will always be as accurate as possible.
Detailed report
Skandy scans massive data in seconds using machine learning technology and powerful algorithms. Skandy researches billions of online pages and databases. You can view every fragment of text that appears to be AI or robotic language.
Data archiving
Skandy stores the report in a safe place. If proof of verification is required, you can quickly generate a shareable report for a customer, faculty member, or other person. AI texts pose a severe danger to academic ethics and site rankings. Your teacher or client may want to confirm that you wrote the text.

AI Writing Detector Skandy works with the latest innovative technologies

You can use AI Detector Skandy technology as advanced software based on advanced artificial intelligence. Our main goal is to ensure that your texts are examined in a matter of seconds and that you receive the most detailed report possible
Machine learning algorithms. We beat robots with their weapon. Skandy can use a 9-step method for contextual analysis and the super-fast Siblius search engine. It runs a thorough search and discovers texts that Google would consider robotic. It searches for any indications of artificial machine text. It displays all fragments that appear in the report as having been authored by a robot, allowing you to enhance your work at any time.
OCR — optical character recognition. This technology can check scanned texts, screenshots, photo texts, and even handwritten letters. Uploading the most precise and most contrasted image available to Skandy is preferable. In this case, the result is more likely to be faster and more accurate. Advanced OCR features recognize printed and handwritten characters in a variety of languages.
Detailed report. Skandy searches billions of web pages, including websites, documents, publications, and open databases. The results contain a visualization, which includes all of the samples that appear to have been authored by an AI. Human-written material always comes out on top in the rankings. You can achieve excellent grades by fixing your work and providing customers and clients with only quality content.
We support files of different formats and languages. AI-Generated Text Detector Skandy checks text in any format: .txt, .doc, .docx, .pdf, .jpg, .pptx, .bmp, and others. You can also insert the URL if the text has already been published on a website, and the check will start immediately. The service will show accurate results and how much of the text is robotized in all cases. Skandy supports 27 languages, and we're constantly adding new ones.

AI Detection Skandy quickly and accurately finds texts generated by artificial intelligence

ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence technologies make it easier to create content, generate ideas, and structure writing. However, if you do not alter and add your thoughts to the AI-generated material, your site's ranking may suffer.

Google and other search engines do not explicitly state that use AI to create content is prohibited. However, content generated by AI can appear incomprehensible, robotic, and unsettling to the user, and such violations are simply calculated by Google's algorithms.

That's why it's important to use a content checker that helps you detect ChatGPT texts. Skandy is one of the most dependable, accurate, and rapid content checkers, having been used by tens of thousands of businesses and hundreds of thousands of users.

Skandy's distinctive features:
  • Deep AI text analysis and detection. Skandy examines texts as precisely as possible, it can use machine learning algorithms to detect plagiarism and similarities to artificially generated content.
  • High speed. It doesn't take long to check. The result is ready in a matter of minutes. You can do other things while Skandy checks. You don't have to spend hours studying different sources, comparing them, and executing an extensive analysis on your own.


Who might need AI Content Checker?

The Skandy AI Writing Checker is a smooth and accurate solution for writers
The Skandy AI Writing Checker is a valuable program for anyone who writes or edits text:

  • Students can check their papers for plagiarism and the text's indications of artificial intelligence (AI). Only submitting well-written, original material that expresses the student's ideas and reasoning is essential for maintaining a positive reputation in the academic community.
  • In addition to helping students learn the norms of writing, teachers can also verify their students' work. Teachers who combine academic activities might use Skandy to improve their publications and dissertations.
  • Bloggers can achieve excellent ranking positions on their websites and publications. Skandy will assist them in creating original texts that appear to search engines as high-quality material created by an expert, not a robot.
  • Skandy's will be helpful for writers to create a book that is readable, original, and competitive.
  • Copywriters can supply their clients with original texts free of typos and robotic artificial words, thanks to Skandy's AI Writing Checker.
  • Skandy will assist in creating articles written in colorful, expressive language. If our checker finds signs that an article or press release looks like an AI text, the journalist can immediately fix it and write a great story.
  • Editors can use Skandy to assess the work of freelancers they hire. When producing texts for the site, editors will be able to publish SEO-checked, proper texts.
  • SEO specialists can use Skandy to affect business and traffic flow directly. Texts with no indicators of plagiarism or machine-generated content are ranked far higher, thus generating more traffic and money.
Try Skandy AI Checker free trial

How to detect AI generated text with Skandy?

You can use our Skandy checker by opening it online in your browser or as an app. Next, copy the text you want and put it into the text-checking window at the top of the webpage.
You can upload the text as an attached file in any format—for example, a PDF, a Word document, a presentation, or even an image. Thanks to OCR technology, Skandy will be able to read and scan text on a photo without any difficulty.

A URL check is also available. You insert a link to an article, such as the one you published on your blog. If Skandy identifies any robotic text problems, you can always correct them.
Click the check button after you've posted your text to Skandy's AI Scanner in any way you like.

Skandy will show you the result in a few minutes. It will highlight text fragments that search engines will recognize as AI text. Fixing these parts, rewriting them, and adding your opinions are highly recommended. Then you can send the text to be rechecked to ensure it's quality.

Skandy isn't only a web app you can use on your desktop; mobile apps are also available! The app supports Android and iOS. They have the same options as the Skandy PC version. Working with the app, for example, is extremely easy when no printer is available to print or scan text. It can be photocopied from a hard copy and quickly checked.

Try the free version of AI Checker to evaluate the features of the premium subscription

You can try the Skandy Checker for free to see how it works and how useful it is. It ties you to nothing. You can subscribe to a Premium subscription if you want to use Skandy's full functionality. It's quick and straightforward!

Many checkers offer free AI text checking. Their single advantage is their $0 price; however, that is questionable:
  • Skandy can check texts of any size, including whole e-books and scientific dissertations.
  • Free checkers do not support all file formats. In general, they can copy text. This is inconvenient because attaching the text or recognizing it on an image is faster. Skandy is good at this.
  • Free checkers are not secure. Because of their "free" character, they can steal your data and even sell the texts you upload to them to third-party bases. Skandy upgraded security and implemented military-grade encryption.
The price that Skandy offers is a small price to pay for getting excellent results. The cost pays off many times over because only original texts without AI elements can bring the site higher rankings, profits, customers, and a high rating!!
Skandy is a professional AI Scanner for experts who value their reputation and strive for success. A premium subscription is an excellent investment in your career, personal brand, and high-quality content engagement!
Create original with Skandy — the fast, accurate and reliable AI-generated content detector!